Site promotion

Site promotion is aimed at increasing the number of visitors to your site, and therefore to give an influx of new customers, increase your sales or service orders.

No matter how good your site, if visitors don't visit it all effort, put in its creation have been spent in vain. The Internet has over 270000000 sites. To ensure that your site doesn't get lose among them, it is need to increase traffic on the site, in other words, to develop it.

Typically, search engines give more than 80% of the inflow of visitors. On the site, come those customers who are already looking for the services you offer, so when developing the site, the search engines are point up. Many customers, who have ordered the site in our company, completely abandoned an advertising in print media in the way of internet promotion

We don't use illegal methods of sites promotion that can cause punitive sanctions from search engines. Specially trained people with great experience do sites promotion. Inexperience in sites promotion matters can do harm.

Typically site search promotion consists of:
  • site registration in main search engines;
  • making a list of keywords (semantic site core), by thich site would be promoted;
  • site analysis;
  • оptimization of content management system (CMS) for search engines (SEO) (when urgent need);
  • optimization of site pages;
  • registration in catalogs;
  • placement of advertising articles;
  • link building.

All of these methods have one purpose – to get your site to the TOP-10 in search engine output. The more competition in the top ten (the first page of search engine), the more difficult, and therefore more expansive to promote the site. But, trust, it is worth it.

Site promotion prices
Name of the service Price, $
Page Optimization for search engines (SEO) 2
Manual site registration in main search engines 10
Preparing a list of keywords (semantic core) for site promotion 24
Registration in sites catalogs 20 for 1000 catalogs

Multiple service
Name of the service Price, $
Contextual advertisement Google and Yandex from 50/мonth
Site promotion in Yandex and Google top-10 for single keyword from 150/мonth