Site support

Site support is the maitaince of efficiency and development of the site, applicability maintenance and quick information updating.

Good content is a ticket to success. The information eventually becomes stale and if it doesn't update, the visitors, and therefore potential customers lose interest in the site. Search engines consider up-to-date information, that means live information, is more useful for users and frequently updated sites placed higher in search results.

Active development of the site brings expanded audience, improve your position in the search results and create a positive image of the company.

Create a content is possible for everybody, but, it is important, that the material was unique considering recommendations of search engines optimization (SEO. If you want to fill the site with content anyhow, entrust it to your colleagues, who already have enough work, but if you want your site to rank high in search results and have prestigious look, trust this work to professionals.

Please note, that we don't have mandatory payments every month for your site support. Please, contact us, when you really need it!

Site support consists of:
  • informational support:
    • filling with content or updating the site pages;
    • search materials for posting on the site;
    • search engine optimization of site pages (SEO);
    • maintaince of dynamic parts of site (news, frequently asked questions (FAQ), forum etc.);
  • technical support:
    • site improvement;
    • adding additional modules;
    • оptimization of content management system (CMS) for search engines (SEO);
    • site error correction;
    • hosting problem resolution.
Site support price
Name of the service Price, $
Filling with content of site page (up to 1000 characters, up to 10 pictures) 1
Information support 15/office hours
Теchnical support 15/office hours
Hosting and mailboxes 36/year
Domain name (, 8/year